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The benefits of sleep and what to expect

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The enormous benefits of sleep

Your health, performance and ability to work safely all depend on it. But there are many reasons why a lack of sleep is common: irregular work schedules, long commutes, family and social commitments, and poor pre-bedtime habits are just a few of them.

How the Readiband can help

It will:

  • teach you about your sleep

  • show you how your sleep influences your daily alertness—a key symptom of fatigue

  • help you reduce your fatigue over time

If you and your co-workers can get more quality sleep, your health will improve and your workplace will be safer.

Common questions

How does the Readiband estimate sleep?

It contains a sensor called an accelerometer that records your wrist movement. Using only that information, our system can estimate whether you’re asleep or awake.

This approach, often used by researchers, is reliable but not perfect. You can expect about 92% accuracy.

When should I wear the Readiband?

At least 5 minutes before bed and 5 minutes after you wake up. It's okay to wear your ReadiBand in the shower, but not when swimming, surfing, or enjoying hot tubs.    

What kind of data does it collect?

Only wrist movement data. It doesn’t track where you are or what you’re doing.



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