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How do I pair a ReadiBand to my account?
How do I pair a ReadiBand to my account?
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If you’re signed in to the Readiband app, but a ReadiBand hasn’t been paired to your account, you’ll be prompted to pair one with an orange banner at the bottom of the screen.


To complete this process, you’ll need

  • Bluetooth enabled on your phone.

  • A six-letter organization code. You may be asked to enter this as part of the pairing process. Get this from your program manager.

  • A ReadiBand that’s not paired to anyone. To check this, first make sure the ReadiBand is awake. Then, swipe up or down from the middle of the screen to display the clock and then swipe again to see the ReadiBand’s pairing status. If unpaired, it will say ReadiBand not paired.


Steps to pair

Tap PAIR in banner at the bottom of your screen

If prompted, enter your six-letter organization code

Enter the serial number found on the underside of your band e.g. AA23456

Confirm that your band is awake. The Readiband app provides instructions to do so.

Once you’ve confirmed the band is awake, tap Yes. Your phone will start searching for the band.

Once your phone connects to the band, you’ll be asked to confirm.

Pair complete!

The band is now yours to wear.

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