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Why is my data being reviewed?
Why is my data being reviewed?
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You’ll see this when our system identifies an unusual pattern while estimating your sleep.

For example, if you normally sleep 7 hours a day, and our system thinks you just got 12 hours, it flags your latest sync for review. Or, if you rarely nap and all of a sudden it believes you’ve had a long nap, it may also flag it.

Reasons your sleep estimates may be deemed unusual:

  • While not being worn for an extended period, your ReadiBand picked up enough movement for our system to think you were sleeping

  • You were awake but extremely still for several hours

  • You slept a lot more than you normally do

This is an imperfect process. However, by flagging the occasional sync for the above reasons, we can manually review and provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Your report will usually be available within a few hours, but in some cases may take up to 12.

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