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All about the new mobile app: Readi
All about the new mobile app: Readi

Learn about what's new and what's changed in the redesigned mobile app

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We've redesigned the mobile app! Read on to learn more about the changes:

See your sleep and how it compares to your average, all in one place

The main view shows you a summary of your sleep. Once you have several sleeps recorded, you'll see a comparison to your personal average and indicator arrows (green or red) comparing the previous sleep to your most recent. These will help you answer the question: "Was the sleep I just got better or worse than how I've been sleeping recently?"

Your sleep efficiency and the time lost are indicators of your sleep quality, changing with the number and length of your awakenings. The closer to 100% your efficiency is, and the less time you lose to awakenings, the more restorative your sleep is.



See how your ReadiScore changes throughout the day, especially during work hours

By tapping Risk at the bottom of Readi, you'll be able to see how your ReadiScore and your level of fatigue risk changes throughout the day. 

To get even more specific, tap Set my work hours to overlay your schedule onto this graph. This makes it easy to determine your fatigue risk at a glance during your work hours.

Compare your ReadiScore to yesterday, your 30-day average, and your personal best

By tapping Performance, you'll be able to compare your ReadiScore to your previous sleep data. As you continue to sync sleep data over time, you'll be able to see things like your 30-day average and personal best.


See your sleep history

Your sleep history can be accessed on the Sleep tab. Here is where you can go back through the weeks of sleep data you've synced. 


Edit your sleep

Once in a while, your ReadiBand may misestimate how much sleep you get. If this happens, and you notice it in your sleep report the next day, you can make edits by adding or removing sleep. Just tap Edit my sleep on the Sleep tab.

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