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Use ReadiScore to improve your fatigue risk awareness
Use ReadiScore to improve your fatigue risk awareness

Add work hours and assess your fatigue risk as your ReadiScore changes over time

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Understanding your daily fatigue risk helps to paint a clearer picture of how your sleep impacts your safety. But, as a shift worker, sleep and fatigue can be hard to manage.

The Risk tab in Readi allows you to see your fatigue risk, especially for upcoming work hours.


Changes in your ReadiScore 

Your ReadiScore will naturally change over time. By dragging your finger across the graph, you can see it change, along with your fatigue risk.

Transitioning between day and night shifts can also cause your ReadiScore to change a lot, which has an impact when you're comparing your ReadiScore on the Performance tab. 


Checking your fatigue risk for your work hours

You can set work hours on the Risk tab to monitor your fatigue risk and the changes to your ReadiScore at a glance. You can choose to save the work hours you enter so you can see them overlaid every time you access the Risk tab. 

Once your work hours are set, you'll see it overlaid on the graph. At the top of the screen, you'll see your fatigue risk indicator and the associated colors (green, yellow, red) on your work hours (if and when they apply). 

Note: If you're working at night, you may see a large dip in your ReadiScore after midnight. This is because a "new day" has started in the average ReadiScore calculation and you haven't slept yet. 

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