Did you know you can view 7 days or 30 days worth of your sleep data all at once?

Using Trends, you can identify patterns about your sleep and see how your sleep has been changing over time. 

Trends can help you answer questions like, "Is my sleep improving?" or "Is there are certain time of the month/week I sleep better than usual?".

Access Trends by tapping More at the bottom of the screen, then tap Trends

To toggle between viewing 7 days and 30 days, tap the upper left-hand corner of your Trends page. It'll either say 7 DAY or 30 DAY depending on which you're viewing at the time.

What sleep data can I see in Trends?

ReadiScore - your daily average ReadiScore

Quantity - all - your sleep quantity, including all naps

Quality - your sleep quality score (the score out of 10)

Awakenings - your awakenings per hour

Consistency - how consistent your bed and wake times are per day


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