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Why am I being asked about my data?
Why am I being asked about my data?

Occasionally, your ReadiBand may ask you to confirm your sleep data in order to provide you with a more accurate reading.

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While your ReadiBand is among the most accurate wearable devices available for sleep detection, no system for measuring sleep is perfect.

Possible reasons that your ReadiBand may need more context include:

  • you took a very short nap

  • your wrist had an ambiguous pattern of movement, such as remaining very still while you were watching TV or reading a book

  • you had taken ReadiBand off and put it on again multiple times in a short period

  • you were resting in a moving vehicle or other similar motion-inducing situation

Your ReadiBand has advanced algorithms for properly distinguishing all of these conditions from real sleep, but occasionally, it can be challenging to get the right results. 

When your ReadiBand doesn’t have enough information to make a confident guess, it may pose several likely possibilities as a question to you. 

ReadiBand’s algorithms are always improving, and your input helps us improve this experience and provide you with better quality sleep data.

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