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How and why to turn on Fitbit autosyncing
How and why to turn on Fitbit autosyncing
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There are two ways to sync your Fitbit with Readi to see your sleep data: manually, or automatically. 

For the smoothest experience with Readi, we recommend enabling auto-syncing. This allows your Fitbit to communicate with Readi automatically and notify you when your sleep data is ready to be viewed. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to open Fitbit App each day before Readi can analyze your sleep. 

How to turn automatic syncing for your Fitbit

Step 1: Open your Fitbit App

Step 2: Tap the account icon in the upper left

Step 3: Tap your device in the list that appears

Step 4: Scroll down to find “All-Day Sync” and toggle it to on

When you’re finished, come back to Readi.

Each day, about an hour after you wake up, you’ll get a notification from Readi.

Don’t want to wait?

Even if you have auto syncing on, you can see your data as soon as you wake up. Just open FitBit App to sync manually. In a few seconds, Readi will alert you to view your data! 

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