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Interpreting your ReadiScore
Interpreting your ReadiScore

Learn to understand how your sleep affects your fatigue level

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After your ReadiBand records 3 consecutive sleeps, you’ll be able to get your first ReadiScore. After viewing your sleep, tap “Get my Score” to see it.

Understanding your ReadiScore

The large number you’ll see here is your ReadiScore right now. The closer to 100, the better. 

A ReadiScore of 100 means you’re at your peak readiness, which means you’ll have:

  • Your quickest reaction tim   e

  • Your lowest chance of dozing off 

  • Your sharpest mental performance

A ReadiScore of 70 means you’re heavily fatigued. On average, you’ll have:

  • 43% slower reaction time

  • 5X higher chance of dozing off

  • 30% lower mental performance

As time passes, your ReadiScore will move along the curve due to your body clock. Your body clock causes natural peaks and dips in your readiness throughout the day. 

Tip! Drag your finger along the curve to peek at what your ReadiScore will be later in the day.

Tracking your performance with ReadiScore

If you’re viewing the Performance tab, you’ll see a predicted impact to your reaction time above your ReadiScore. This predicted impact is relative to an optimal state. Under 5% is ideal. 

The right-hand axis also indicated the impact to your reaction time. The closer to 0%, the better.

Tracking your risk with ReadiScore

If you have something important coming up today, or are going to be on duty for work, you can assess moments for risk using ReadiScore. This is especially helpful if you’re in a safety-sensitive job, going to be driving, or have physical training coming up. 

To assess your readiness for duty, set the hours of important events by tapping Set my work hours or Set event time on the top right of this screen. 

Once your work hours or event hours are set, you’ll see an overlay with the start and end times. Readi will also tell you what level of fatigue risk you are projected to be at during the hours you’ve set.

Comparing ReadiScores

As you continue to collect sleep data over time, you can start to compare your ReadiScores in three different ways. 


 After you have 2 days of ReadiScores, you can compare today’s performance to yesterday’s by tapping Yesterday at the top of the screen.


 After 7 days of ReadiScores, you can compare today’s performance to your Personal Best.


 After 30 days of ReadiScores, you can compare today’s to your 30-day average.

Simply tap the views at the top of your screen to toggle between a comparison of yesterday, your personal best, and a 30-day average.

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