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Why Sleep Matters
Why Sleep Matters

See how sleep can impact your mental performance, reaction time, and safety

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Why Sleep Matters

Any disruption to normal sleep, whether from sleep loss, jet lag, or night duty, can significantly impact your ability to perform safely and the quality of your time awake.

Specifically, sleep impacts your mental performance and your reaction time.

Mental Performance

With poor sleep, humans experience mental performance losses of 30% or more. 

This affects critical on-the-job skills like decision-making, communication, and reasoning. 

A 30% loss is roughly the same as having 2 drinks of alcohol.

Reaction Time

Sleep loss also makes you react more slowly to stimuli - such as a car braking suddenly in traffic.

Your reaction time can be slowed by 40% or more, the same amount experienced while drunk. You’re also 5X more likely to doze off at the controls.

What’s next?

The US Army Research Lab has developed a model that can show you how much your sleep is affecting your mental performance and reaction time. 

After 25 years of research, this model is more available to the public and industrial operators - exclusively from Readi. 

Put on your ReadiBand and start seeing how.

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