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Estimating missed sleep in Readi
Estimating missed sleep in Readi

Forgot to wear your ReadiBand? Use the 'Estimate My Sleep' feature

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Did you forget to wear your ReadiBand last night?

If you did, you'll notice Readi asking you to sync 3 consecutive sleeps before generating a ReadiScore again. 

That can be a long time to wait for your ReadiScore, especially if you have a night shift or an important game coming up. 

Estimate My Sleep allows you to input your best estimate for last night's sleep so you can continue seeing and using ReadiScore. 

How 'Estimate My Sleep' works

The Estimate My Sleep feature appears when you sync with Readi and there's no sleep data recorded from ReadiBand.

In this scenario, Readi will ask you two questions after the sync: 

  1. Have you been awake for the past 24 hours?
    If you slept last night, answer "no".

  2. Would you like to estimate your recent sleep?
    If you would like to provide an estimate, answer "yes" to input your estimated bed and wake times.

Here's what the process looks like:

Did you notice the gaps that appear in your estimated sleep?

Readi uses your previous sleep history to estimate the number and duration of disturbances that may have happened during the sleep you estimated. Readi does this to help improve the accuracy of your estimation. 

Once your estimated sleep is generated, you'll be able to see both your sleep and your ReadiScore right away.



Why can't I see the Estimate My Sleep feature?
This feature may not be turned on for your program, or you may be using a non-ReadiBand device, such as a Garmin or Fitbit. Stay tuned -- we plan to expand this functionality to users of those devices in Spring 2020.  

I have a Garmin or Fitbit device. Can I use Estimate My Sleep?
We'll be launching this feature for Garmin and Fitbit users in Spring 2020. 

I tried Estimating My Sleep, but it won't let me input the times I want. Why not?
Currently, this feature only allows you to estimate sleep that concluded prior to the moment you have most recently synced your ReadiBand. We're working to remove this restriction in the near future. 


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