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How to set up Readi Fatigue Alerts on Fitbit (Android instructions)
How to set up Readi Fatigue Alerts on Fitbit (Android instructions)

Instructions for enabling Readi Fatigue Alerts (push notifications) on Fitbit, for Android users

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Fatigue Alerts are one of Readi's most useful features for becoming aware of your own fatigue throughout the day. As a Readi user, you may have received a Fatigue Alert like the one below on your mobile phone:

Now, as a Fitbit user, you can choose to receive these same alerts on your wrist, as vibrating notifications:

To enable Readi's Fatigue Alerts on your Fitbit, follow these steps:

Note: These instructions are for Android users.
Use an iPhone? Read these iOS instructions instead.

First, ensure you've turned on Fatigue Alerts in the app Readi.

(You may have already done this during setup).

On the "More" tab, tap "Settings":

Then tap "Notifications":

Then ensure the toggle for "Fatigue Alerts" is enabled:

Next, open the Fitbit app.

Tap the User icon in the upper left:

Then, tap your Fitbit device:

Then, tap "Notifications":

Then, tap "App Notifications":

Then, tap find "Readi" in the list and tap to enable:

(Can't find "Readi" in the list? Apps only appear if you've received at least one notification from them. If Readi is missing, try turning on "Bedtime Reminders" in Readi's Notifications menu, and wait until you receive a notification. Then, return to this step. If you need more help, contact

Sync your Fitbit now.

Congrats, you're all set! You should now receive Fatigue Alerts on your Fitbit.

Note: Fatigue Alerts are designed not to wake you up when you're asleep. Fatigue Alerts will only be sent when you are on a shift that has been set up in ReadiAnalytics by your program manager, or within 1 hour before or after that shift.

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