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When sleep may be incorrectly detected
When sleep may be incorrectly detected
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On occasion, your sleep may be incorrectly detected. Here are a few scenarios when that could happen:

Your sleep was too short

ReadiBand will usually detect naps of about 30 minutes or longer. Shorter naps may not be detected. 

You’re relaxed, but not actually sleeping

If your wrist is nearly motionless, the ReadiBand may think you're asleep. This could happen while reading, watching TV, or laying awake in bed. 

You're not wearing your ReadiBand, but it’s picking up some movement

Let’s say you take your band off and leave it on a table next to an air conditioning unit. If the vibration from the air conditioner is strong enough, the ReadiBand may think you’re sleeping even though the band isn’t being worn.

You're in a moving vehicle

Swift motions and the vibration from a vehicle, train, or aircraft might occasionally lead to incorrect sleep estimations.  For example, you’re asleep on a bus, but the ReadiBand believes you to be awake.



What you can do about misestimated sleep

In Readi's Sleep tab, tap Edit my sleep to make edits. Here's an article with more details on editing sleep.  

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