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ReadiScore not displaying
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Your ReadiScore won't display if:

  1. Your ReadiBand hasn’t been worn continuously for 3 full days. Because your ReadiScore is dependent on how you’ve been sleeping in the past, a minimum of 3 days is necessary for an accurate calculation.

  2. Your ReadiBand hasn’t been worn for significant periods of time.

  3. You've shifted time zones. In some cases, travel across more than 6 zones will prevent your ReadiScore from displaying until you return home. However, you can still view your ReadiScore at through a desktop web browser.

  4. It's been more than 20 hours since you awoke from your last sleep, and ReadiBand hasn’t yet had a chance to sync with your phone. In this case, it wants to see if you’ve obtained more sleep before it updates your ReadiScore.

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