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Sleep and fatigue reports
Sleep and fatigue reports

Learn about the ReadiScore and how to read your daily sleep report

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After wearing your ReadiBand for one sleep and syncing with Readi on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be able to view data on your sleep.

Sleep Metrics overview

Time asleep

The time asleep you’ll see in Readi refers to the amount of restorative time you spent asleep. In the example above, this person slept 6 hours and 15 mins. Most adults require 7 - 9 hours each night to function optimally. 

The orange blocks

This indicated your restorative time asleep, while the gaps between these orange blocks are “time lost” due to awakenings. The fewer the gaps, the better. 

Time lost

“Time Lost” is the amount of time that wasn’t restorative. However, you probably won’t remember waking up for all of this time. 20 minutes or less of “time lost” is ideal. 

The grey lines

The grey lines on the graph show movement. You move during the day, but it’s also normal to move during sleep. ReadiBand uses advanced algorithms to tell the difference. 

Sleep window

Your “sleep window” includes both your “time asleep” and your “time lost”. If you’re not getting enough sleep, try planning a longer sleep window (especially if you notice a lot of “time lost”).


Efficiency is an indicator of sleep quality. The higher your efficiency, the more uninterrupted and restorative your sleep may be. Sleep quality is affected by your “time lost” and the number of gaps in your sleep (the gaps between the orange blocks). 

What about accuracy?

Accurate sleep data is important for accurate ReadiScores - the indicator of your fatigue level based on your sleep. You’ll start seeing your ReadiScore after 3 days of recorded sleep in your ReadiBand. 

With that said, your sleep data doesn’t have to be perfect: a few minutes of inaccuracy won’t make a huge difference in your scores. 

Remember, you can always get a refresher of what all these metrics mean by tapping the “?” on the sleep screen in Readi.

Your personal sleep profile

After you’ve worn your ReadiBand for 7 sleeps, Readi will start to average your sleep data from the past 7 days to create a personal sleep profile. Then, you’ll begin to see arrows next to some of your sleep metrics. 

These arrows indicate whether your most recent sleep was better or worse than your recent average over the past 7 days.

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