Fatigue and its dangers

When we talk about fatigue, we’re referring to the mental fatigue brought on by a lack of sleep. 

At its extremes, fatigue impairs judgment and decision making. It also slows our ability to respond quickly to situations and increases the likelihood of nodding off.

In fact, fatigue from a lack of sleep has a similar effect on us as alcohol does. It’s no surprise workplace accidents are likelier when fatigue is present.

Your alertness can be rated on a scale of 0-100

Using the sleep estimations from your ReadiBand, our software can calculate a personal ReadiScore for you. This score is your personal fatigue rating, and it’s generated by a complex model developed by the US Army Research Lab.

If you wear your ReadiBand consistently for the next few days, you’ll get your Alertness Score tomorrow. This is because our system needs information from multiple sleeps before it can accurately estimate your fatigue.

In the next email, we’ll talk more about the ReadiScore and what different numbers mean in terms of your safety.



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